Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Impatience is a Virtue

As a follow up to last week's entry, I have to confess that I've made a career out of placing carts in front of horses.

Adamant as I was about doing the messy, time consuming and virtually invisible wiring that needs to be done to make the staging yard under Ridgeley work properly, sadly it remains undone. I got all in a tizzy yesterday (my day off) and cut the panels needed to not only finish the main line, but also to situate the massive 20 stall roundhouse I've been fooling around with since last February.

Not to worry. Most of the panels remain loose, so I can still root around under the belly of the beast to do what still needs to be done.

...But not until a train is running the entire circuit...

Hopefully later tonight!

1 comment:

  1. I am at the same stage of procrastination, with a forest of dangling feeders needing to be wired up, and me wanting to remain topside of the plywood. I'm looking forward to seeing that roundhouse installed, but I guess I can wait a bit longer if it is because you're taking care of priorities.