Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm Still Standing

I want to thank everyone who has stayed in touch with me as I've made this transition in my life.  By way of a brief update, the layout has been completely dismantled, parts of it are stored in the garage of my new home, part of it have been disbursed to friends and former crew members, and parts of it have, like so much historic railroad equipment, met the torch...

It was quite cathartic to set the old east staging yard alight...  It performed admirably when it performed, but it was one of the many engineering nightmares I endured due to my desire to have 10 pounds of railroad in a five pound room.

On the personal side, I'm doing quite well.  My relationships with my kids are stronger than I think they ever were, and most of the rest of the people who care about me are happy that I'm happy in my new domestic arrangement.  I think I've found someone quite special, and we are both enjoying life quite fully, as well as each other.

For the several people who have sent me your locomotives to work on, I will continue to apologize for the delays in finishing them up and returning them to you.  Between work at the ReStore, working on my old house to prepare it for what ever's next, and making sure that I don't miss a sunset, my productive workbench time is quite limited.  However, one of the things I'm trying to do is keep all the promises I've made to everyone, and fulfill all my obligations as quickly as I can.

To that end, I will be using this space to keep everyone posted on the progress of the work, so you will be able to see what I'm working on.  I have a spreadsheet of all the projects currently on the hook, as well as those I've completed in the last year which I will be sharing with you.  I'll post the information referencing only locomotive types and road names to protect the innocent, (which after all this time certainly is NOT me!!).

Again, thanks for all your feedback on the column in N Scale, which will be continuing, as well as the support you've shown to me generally.  I'll have the spreadsheet available shortly.

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